Pre Heat شراء في عمان
    Pre Heat شراء في عمان
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    Pre Heat شراء في عمان
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    Pre Heat

    Pre Heat

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      الأردن, عمان
    HCP30 the world's first polymeric solar collector.

    Hanania polymeric solar collector is suitable for a large range of applications, from heating water for a single house or apartment to heating large quantities of water for hotels and industrial facilities. The unique polymeric composition developed specifically for this product enables it to withstand the most severe weather conditions.

    Hanania HCP30 will revolutionize your hot water consumption, protect and preserve the environment, and dramatically reduce your hot water costs.

    The prospects of climate change and, eventually, fossil fuel depletion, trigger a growing interest in renewable energies in general and solar energy in particular.

    As a result, the Solar Thermal World is fast evolving. Hanania polymeric collector represents a breakthrough in environmental recovery.
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    Pre Heat
    Pre Heat
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